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wasko tarot

Tarot by Erika

I'm an empathetic, clairsentient witch
who's been reading for over 5 years.
I love helping people through the art of tarot
by acting as the bridge between our reality
and the unseen world of spirit.
I have a wide array of decks so you can connect with the 
artwork that speaks to you the most! 

Pricing varies depending on the reading size.

*Tarot is not meant to predict the future,
but is an art form for connecting with the spirit and power within. It helps to expand the mind and your view on the world. The cards should never replace the advice from doctors
or other health professionals.




"This is almost comically on the nose for what is currently igniting me. It only helps me step forward."

"I've been getting SO many cups and wands in my own readings, but that was the first time it really made sense to me, especially in connection with the pentacles. You have such a good way of explaining and connecting them!!"

"This is insanely accurate."

"Well, you read me dead on!"

"Omg this couldn't be more accurate!!!"

"I'm shooketh and misty-eyed."

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